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Hammond Dreams

Hammond Dreams
Über dieses Album:
Selection of tracks featuring the Hammond tonewheel organjmrukkers erstellt von jmrukkers on 01/01/2016

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 2157 x

Rickplayer redondobeach jmrukkers akethesnaker Hartl Peter-Andreas Uloisius Dafunkydrummer Shi gnoerreby wilf67 docnat artjanis ECEM Keeper JMB65 Marceys Lutz Lauramarie btkircher sbisio Baer FunkT AnneCozean mbiegun OliVBee marmotte Blind-Dog Lenny Cowler mpointon Nadeem

Great album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 10/20/2017

Good sounds coming from the Hammond and this record.

Hammond power!


Review von Marceys am 01/01/2016

I always loved the hammond and i have a clone version as well but never got to play it the way you do!
Great tracks you have collected here man!

Cheers and we will meet again on some cool track!



This is The instrument between expert hands


Review von Tofzegrit am 01/01/2016

You're the Turbine Master, you share your music yes but you also share your passion for this Monster Keyboards!
Good tribute to the ventilator
Be careful, some Wind could come :)
Bravo Jo! I was very happy to meet you in real last year!

one more for you


Review von dmorelli am 02/19/2020

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