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Album 1

Album 1
Über dieses Album:
Early days - guitar way to loud!! Still the same - same solos too maybe. I remember evreyone making me feel right at home from the first upload onward, especially Shi!!!Babbazitt erstellt von Babbazitt on 01/04/2016

Daumen: 13
Hörer: 1528 x

Shi Babbazitt MajorTom_III shumdrummer TadoOm hurzel Dopelope1 bassap makkE rastafari bendeg Calle simmerdown ChrisB Dirt Rich GoD Dogbass irlenn haddock

Missing you


Review von frenzie am 10/23/2017

Losing a wikilooper is so sad, we miss you ian.... Thank you for your great music...

I so agree with Tom...


Review von wjl am 02/21/2020

... about missing Ian, although I never even met him. Wrote about him twice now, in https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2020/01/remembering-ian/ and in https://wolfgang.lonien.de/2020/02/remembering-ian-again/ What a wonderful musician, and what a loss for us all to not have him around anymore. Rest in peace my unknown friend, and thanks for everything!

Miss you


Review von Keiton am 02/21/2020

We don't forget you forever, love you man:)
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