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Wiki Divas with by Keiton

Wiki Divas with

Wiki Divas with
Über dieses Album

Wiki Divas with Me. All they're talented. Keiton erstellt von Keiton on 16.02.2016

Daumen: 26
Hörer: 4810 x


Not so bad company inside !


Review von Tofzegrit am 17.02.2016

Of course it's always so cool to take part in some songs with real awesome singers (girls & guys)we can cross here!
Nice opus dedicated to them
Thank you for sharing this stuff Keiton



Review von Gone318 am 07.02.2018

I just love it, first time I listen it

Power house line-up


Review von axenvocs am 07.01.2018

great album, great idea very cool my friend

Tasty Treasure


Review von Neronick am 15.12.2016

If you miss this collection you will miss the blues-rock! A tasty collection of hits.


Review von wikibeb am 07.09.2016

cool keiton bien jouer bon chois tres bonne album
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