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A Gothic Romantic by rp3drums

a Gothic Romantic

a Gothic Romantic
Über dieses Album

rp3drums & friends venture into some deeply heavy, melodic and Gothic stuff....enjoy! rp3drums erstellt von rp3drums on 17.08.2016

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 2763 x


the man of the drums


Review von ivax am 21.08.2016

you are versatile in a variety of styles, magnificent Ray, and thank you for including me in your Album

Ray rules ^^


Review von Funkystan am 20.08.2016

Thanks a lot Ray!!!
I'm just coming back from a 3 weeks trip and I discover your album. I'm proud to be part of it, I'm surrounded by great musicians here...
Good starting point Ray, great ones are coming ;)

Drummer's dream world


Review von Tofzegrit am 20.08.2016

So cool to hear you everywhere, every styles !!
This collection is so powerfull, drumming with such talented people on wikiland, is it a dream ? No
So here is you wok&wol side Ray ? Yes it is

The heavy side of Raymond \m/


Review von TeeGee am 19.08.2016

I am just listening to it, very nice compilation of songs! Very glad that I am in one of these songs, thanks! I guess we will be exploring the heavier side things now with our new project, so I look forward to that :)

Great Album...


Review von glennp am 04.12.2016

From the beginning of the first song to the last note played on the last song, this selection of tracks kept me engaged 100%. Every player is top notch and each vocalist delivered an emotional performance. Each track sounded like you were all in the studio together and knew what the end result was going to be. Its amazing to see how Wikiloops can make this type of experience happen every day. This album delivered great music, great playing, great vocals and a great line up of songs.
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Para mi significa, la revelacion de que puedo "hablar" con musicos de todo el mundo en este idioma que todos conocemos LA MUSICA!!!

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