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Childs of the moon

Childs of the moon
Über dieses Album:
For Moonchild fans like me :)
This are all songs of Moonchild. I had the pleasure to give my part to it.
All the excellent musicians and me tried to do their best to give Moonchilds wonderful voice a nice atmosphere.
I really enjoyed doing this and here is the result.
Greetings go out to all the cool musicians and fans here. :)
Andel erstellt von Andel on 11/25/2020

Daumen: 5
Hörer: 109 x

MajorTom_III moonchild Andel OliVBee GlezBass Simonymous Pit Brett Liesching Wikimark Tofzegrit WhiteDrum55 Lizanderforu Major 3rd jaeusm Marceys ARNOSOLO wjl

Staring Moonchild


Review von Telemetry am 11/28/2020

Much Enjoyed. :)

Great !


Review von ARNOSOLO am 11/25/2020

Excellent Pic you choose for this album ;-)

Toll :)


Review von wjl am 11/25/2020

Schönes Album, Andel - und danke daß ich dabei sein durfte... :)
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