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60 BPM by Woodstock

60 BPM

60 BPM
Über dieses Album

Soulful Rock Guitars is a nice collection of instrumental rock and pop ballads. Thanks to all involved musicians, especially to all guitar heros. I wish, I could play guitar like you, but I play the bass and that will remain so. Woodstock erstellt von Woodstock on 29.11.2016

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 5844 x




Review von wikibeb am 26.12.2016

superbe album bravo

BassMan Wood


Review von ivax am 29.11.2016

My dear friend, fantastic collection of jams, humbly grateful for including me with so many artists I admire :)

Excellent collection of rock ballads


Review von fblack am 19.11.2018

Grandes artistas "anónimos", no puedo nombrar una canción sin decir que todas llegan al alma!! Great "anonymous" artists, I can not name a song without saying that they all reach the soul !!

Cool guitar album


Review von TeeGee am 06.01.2017

Nice collection of songs, all the songs connect to each other nicely. Well done!
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