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Über dieses Album:
A nice selection of instrumental funk and jazz-rock tracks.

Many thanks to all involved musicians, there was a lot of fun.
Woodstock erstellt von Woodstock on 10/07/2016

Daumen: 13
Hörer: 2949 x

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Bass chops...


Review von wjl am 11/12/2020

Always admired Woody's style and playing - and this is a masterclass in what bass should be like. Groovy, fundamental, supportive, melodic, and funky as hell (even without slapping). An album to be heard and kept - thanks for publishing this my friend :) Downloaded :)
Major 3rd

killer basser!


Review von Major 3rd am 05/23/2018

Great album and great bassist..thanks for letting me in on this...superb line up of songs and players


Review von King1971 am 02/14/2017

Very enjoyable listening on this collection of tracks. Well done Woodstock!

Iron Fingers !


Review von Tofzegrit am 10/08/2016

This guy has an amazing finger playing !!
Here is a nice collection of cool tracks and the bass becomes the thing to be listened to in most of them :)
Well done, so cool you are in this place

Master Bassist!!!


Review von ivax am 10/07/2016

Thanks Wood,great album my friend....

Nice collection !


Review von OliVBee am 10/07/2016

cool compilation of funky groovy tracks :)
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