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From Blues to Jazz...

From Blues to Jazz...
Über dieses Album:
A collection of songs I made in late summer 2016. Thanks a lot to everyone else involved in this album. Have fun.cschlote erstellt von cschlote on 10/11/2016

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 1084 x

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He is a very nice blues player


Review von Keiton am 10/11/2016

His performance has not flashy, but the important part of the song to always. Can enjoy his characteristic In this album. And his mix is very nice always, Great album.




Review von axenvocs am 06/20/2017

great musician and a nice collection of tracks

Great Album


Review von Bothen am 11/12/2016

I really like it when I see CS has contributed to a song I am on and I try to catch all the others he is on. Such a solid player and I hope to have future collaborations with him. Thanks for allowing me to be on this wonderful album CS. The Blues rock.

Blues to Jazz


Review von slin am 11/08/2016

a very cool album cschlote,thanks for letting me be a part of this one...

So good


Review von frenzie am 08/24/2021

Always love your bass brother, your playing is spot on! :):) thnx for including me on the album :W
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