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Wikiloops And Competition

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I'll jump in on this as a singer because there are fewer singers on the Loops than some other instruments. I will say, personally, I do not feel there is competition. Some of the female singers such as Stella, Moonchild, Shi, Anne, Alice, Mishteria and myself (I know I've missed several) all bring something different to the table. We each bring our own stories, our own feelings, and our own hearts to each song. I know I don't sit and worry if another singers songs has more "thumbs" than mine. That's just silly. One of their thumbs was probably mine! We're all here to do what we love. Some of us have fancy equipment and stage experience...some of us don't. But what we all have is passion for the music. Passion for the lyrics. I love and respect all the musicians here who help us create. I learn from the other singers, learn about pitch, tone, phrasing, timing, techniques and when I'm not learning something from them I am enjoying their beautiful voices. Wikiloops is not a competition I'm interested in winning... it's a collaborative community I'm elated in being a part of. ❤️❤️❤️
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