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Wikiloops And Competition

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I'll jump in on this as a singer because there are fewer singers on the Loops than some other instruments. I will say, personally, I do not feel there is competition. Some of the female singers such as Stella, Moonchild, Shi, Anne, Alice, Mishteria and myself (I know I've missed several) all bring something different to the table. We each bring our own stories, our own feelings, and our own hearts to each song. I know I don't sit and worry if another singers songs has more "thumbs" than mine. That's just silly. One of their thumbs was probably mine! We're all here to do what we love. Some of us have fancy equipment and stage experience...some of us don't. But what we all have is passion for the music. Passion for the lyrics. I love and respect all the musicians here who help us create. I learn from the other singers, learn about pitch, tone, phrasing, timing, techniques and when I'm not learning something from them I am enjoying their beautiful voices. Wikiloops is not a competition I'm interested in winning... it's a collaborative community I'm elated in being a part of. ❤️❤️❤️
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Oh please no competition, but we are all human so anyone who is better on some aspects of your instrument you can feel some jealousy, off course and we have egos off course :) but I am happy it is all toned down here in friendly atmosphere dick created with his vision. I do think WL is not a platform for the starting musician it's pretty hard to record music if you are learning your instrument...

On topic:
Cool and interesting thread.

But for competition, I have a sloppy right hand and wish it was better. On the other hand I think it's not my work that some jams are working out fine so I always feel double bout compliments, love m and thinking it's not me that did the trick...if you know what I mean.

What I really learned that some jams work fine without recording over and Over...I used to record songs multiple times...that was pretty tiring so wikiloops changed that and made me less competetive and let it be the way it came out..thnx for that loopers!

I must thank TG he was the first to welcome me to the loops that is a personality where I am jealous of! Cheers loopers! :) :)
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Inspired to play my best, to compete with myself is a better description - which may mean doing something risky or new instead of polished or perfect or the same.

WL is a great place to push the envelope, try something new, or hear my friends doing the same! Some track from a a genre i don'rt "do" that flashes by causes me to try a new style, super fun! Good? maybe. Suck? Maybe. Expansive? Assuredly!

Plus other players add such a cool dimension to things i post, and hopefully vice-versa .

The only downside is GREAT tracks often flash by, only to quickly fade into obscurity. - a quick add brings em back up- so quality schmality, haha!

And to singing,- I hope it is not a competition! haha! (i might win loudest!) But i really like to do it. and like any other instrument it takes a bunch of practice hours to develop control. I have like a THOUSAND times more guitar hours than singing hours. But recording is such a great teacher. And the tracks on here often inspire me to grunt along! Often extemporaneously, sometimes more methodically. And unusual tracks inspire fun ideas... At worst people throw crickets, and people often like my weirdest most caucophonous stuff the best it seems. Just no telling i guess.. !<3

Hearing my friends do their best inspires and yes, pushes me, to do my best! THANX!!
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