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Hello drummers, how are you? I discovered aerodrumming just today and I want to buy, what about? Had you been experienced? How about to make new songs?
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oh boy...
Aerodrums look fun, but if you ever want to play real drums and have started out with aerodrums, you will discover that real drums are something else.
Aerodrums will train the wrong muscles - while you will learn how to stroke "right" on a real drum (hey, it takes a little power, the right way to hold a stick etc etc),
Aerodrums will not teach you how to hit, they will teach you how to stop a stick in mid-air - that's the opposite muscles in use.

Aerodrums are a cool instrument for sure, but certainly no recommendable way to learn to play drums, sorry, not recommendable IMO :)
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Thank you for your reply. I think to buy it becouse I have no more space for my alesis dm 6 ... Pity.... but at least I will continue drumming however, and how about the drums set ?
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That's pretty amazing technology - I actually thought it was a practical joke at first. I'm thinking of getting an aerobass- here's the inimitable Pino Palladino showing off what it can do....
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wooow ! and ahhahahaha :D
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Hi all, I have to agree with Dicks comments. These look great and certainly a lot of fun, cool and Im sure you could have a lot of enjoyment out them.

Here is the thing that I think is of the most important things to learn the drums correctly, is to learn finger control and rebounds, which is the key to moving your rudiments to the next level, and to also be able to execute faster strokes.. (no rude jokes please!), and that is only possible when hitting some kind of surface, and not thin air!! :) learning those things I mention, build your fast twitching muscles, and it can take years to get right! Also learning to play "off the drum" instead of laying into it, is another thing that you need to learn to get a nice drum sound. Did you know that when you play matched grip you use 16 muscles, but when you play with traditional grip you only use about 4?.....

You can't do any of that with Air drums....

I could bore everyone to tears here and mention other things - but in essence, these "toys" are great for a laugh, but will unfortunately harm your development in the long term.
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