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This uncertainty is certainly very annoying. I wish you the best and that it continues soon with the investigations. Keep your ears stiff and try to think positively ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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[I am not old my friend... I am wiser.:P
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[wl]149642[/wl]I was working on this track in the last few days, and with Fishi starting this forum thread and me using his sax I was thinking about this quite a bit, so this is what came out. I even sang on it, just to show the seriousness of it ;) . It's dedicated to Fishi and all of us who are at a stage in out life where shizzle could happen any day. So play your instruments and catch a fish as long as you still can ;) Peace!
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So good of TeeGee to give this track back to Mark. Also for others to recognize Mark's (and all of our) vulnerabilities and the finite nature of life. Music is such a good experience as it's being totally alive and involved in the moment. That's all we've got and living it to the max each day is a life worth living.

Mark is still very much still living a full musical life.

A long, and even more important, a happy and meaningful life to you Mark and everyone else.
You're only as old as you smell
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I think maybe having a bit of stubbornness in me doesn't hurt. I was truly amazed at what went through my mind while that whole episode was unfolding.:|

And yes, I have to agree that playing music (No matter how good you are) is some, if not the best, therapy out there. Im glad I recovered some lung capacity after the event...was a little lacking there for a few days.

Tee did an awesome job on that track..and well..Just having you folks out there (here) is invaluable.<3
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....long as you can keep on blowin’ mate.... keep blowin’. Xxx
he who works with his hands, is a labourer
he who works with his hands and his head, is a craftsman
he who works with his hands, his head, and his heart, is an artist.....(I try not to work)
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Been there too a few years ago, and my first attack surprisingly turned out to be my second one. The first blockage was bypassed in the same miraculous way B) by itself. In hindsight I think I now even know when it was.
Hang in there Fishi, stamina is easy gone and it takes time to recover but my advise don't let it get you down, live life and keep enjoying yourself!
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Good thread. Mark, so good to hear you are good. As Tom and Fivestringer say, the body is truly amazing in its ability to heal itself. And system shocks do teach us not to take tomorrow for granted. Mine was a diagnosis of diabetes 12 years ago. Told me I probably don't have as much time as many. Bucket list got written pretty quick after this. Done a lot of it too. Wikiloops is unexpected icing on a cake. Hugely satisfying.

The will got written too. Perhaps a bit morbid, but I feel it is better to have all the affairs settled and let those left behind fully informed of where everything is and where it should go. More so if there is a history of illness. And you don't need a lawyer to draft it, there are free templates all over the web. I am happy to help any Loopers here.

Death, like sh#t, will happen, most often when we least expect it, and I feel is best to prepare as best we can. Must be the Lawyer training, try to figure the consequences and look to have contingencies for them. One of those self help guru sayings from the past stuck with me; Plan as if you will live forever, and live like you will die tomorrow. Helps the focus.

Stubborn is good - in UK we call it being bloody minded, we will not let this defeat us. Dylan Thomas: We will not go gentle into that good night and we will rage against the dying of the light.

But in this it is also important to try and hear what our bodies are trying to tell us and adjust accordingly. Not advising anyone to go hypochondriac, but differences in bodily habits, unexplained weight loss or persistent pains or coughs need attention. We men like to be heroes about our pain. Is probably the main reason why women live longer - they go get it seen to.

I don't yet have the faith of heaven, but I live in hope. All I figure I can do is try to live and love this life and all the people (and dogs) in it as best I can. And keep praying we see them all again in any life that follows. Look to be kind. As Jodie Foster said in Contact, Each other is all we have. Amen.
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