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FrankieJ wrote:One of the most under rated guitarists in my opinion TeeGee. One of my many idols.
In 1977 my band had the opportunity to open for him at the Agora theater in Colombus, Ohio for a two night show. I first met him while my bandmates and I were playing billiards during his sound check.
Mr. Marino came strolling into the billiard room while wirelessly playing his SG and played pool with us.
Needless to say I was overjoyed to be able to hang out with my idol for two nights.
It was a dream come true for me at the time. And he is a super nice guy. Check out their 4th album and also their Mahogany Rush Live album. Great stuff.

Wow what a great story and a cool memory, good for you!! I have been listening to Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush all yesterday and I will continue today - I just can't believe I have never heard of him. Must be one of the most underrated guitarist ever. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I discovered Robin Trower, another Hendrix disciple who is underrated. Absolute joy.

It is early days as I haven't had time to really get into it, but it seems to me that on a technical ability, what he did in the 70ies was up there with the best! Blues, jazz, rock, he can do it all! On one track he does some crazy tapping... :J
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One of my favorite Albums!!!!
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