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ALWAYS Leave a little mistake

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when it comes to loops:
Many musicians here, however, try to create their own things from the most primitive basics, so it would be a courtesy of others to mention the fact of using loops. That's all. I have absolutely no objections to the fact of using the loops at all.
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I hear what your saying brother.
And respect your point of view .
Every one finds their own road to where there trying to get too .
But as my old Irish dad use to say .
Is you can't put an old head on a young shoulders.
I leave this forum now with this little verse I just made up.
So you wanta play rock n roll son
Well you better play that guitar
Till ya fingers bleed .
Find the fire and plant your seed
Give it all your soul never let it go even when you grow old.
She'll break your heart she'll turn you on
But remember son you gotta pay your dues
Before She'll let you sing her song .
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PierreOghi wrote:
Hey Guys.

So many time I was rally determinated to record a perfect track. For me as total amateur, that was obvious. Ofcourse there are a lot of options to fix the timing or false notes, but this is absolutely not my point, because:
- I'm here to improve my skills and have good fun - first of all;
- I'm not a fan of any track manipulations to hide our lack of skills;
- WIKILOOPS is a community that's very friendly to amateurs like me, so I feel that I don't need to pretend nothing.

Besides, I always record my own tracks as a "mastershoot" (sorry...I don't know the right word for that - in Polish it sounds "for 100"). For me if You are composer/producer You have to be able to play your compositions by yourself without any cuttings. And You know what? I'm jamming from time to time with some music producers (on Akai MPC, Maschine, etc.), and I see that just because I'm determined to strongly follow this way, when I'm in my own world during the playing, I don't have to be focused about controlling my hands/fingers anymore. Finally I can be focused only on the music. Anyway playing live forgives little bit more than recording in studio.

Except for all the arguments above... If You're amateur like me and You're focused just to upload perfect add/template and get a thumbs, remember that in live situation only one thing You will able to do, is a push play putton on Your DAW (pay attention for count-in).

To tell You the truth. I came to this conclusion relatively recently. Actually, it was while I was studying the Logic Pro X tutorials. When guy from video was explaining the operations of the "HUMANIZE" option, I asked to myself. What the hell? I'm a human who makes mistakes. Why should I use my computer to make mistakes for me? ;-)

Another thread I'd like to raise here... using LOOPS.
Of course there is nothing wrong with that if you are a legal user of your software but I think the musicians here, should point out the fact of using a ready-made rhythm section or any other track not being their own composition. I think it would be fair for those who spend long hours working on the single articulation and note.

Of course I also use loops (percussions etc.), but I try to make sure that loops are not the basic inspiration for my composition. And I repeat one more tme... If others do it, there is nothing wrong with it for me, as long as I am informed about it...

What You think... A, I wrong???

I like to play music... I used "artificial" music a few times. I often add my guitar to pieces like that. But I think that there should be a new "instrument" to choose when uploading a piece. It could be called "synth" or VST..
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