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BASS PLAYERS - How are you recording?

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I've got a Fender P-Bass through my Behringer GuitarLink into FL Studio. I usually split the incoming track into two (low, hi) or three (low, mid, hi) subtracks, and those two or three back into one.

The low track usually has some EQ to cut the highs and then runs through a heavy compressor (BLOCKFISH, though the built-in Fruity Compressor works too) to get those bass notes consistent. This takes care of the low end.

The middle (or high, if using two) track has the lows cut out and I then run it through the JCM900 guitar amp simulator from Simulanalog (free!). This is the one that really takes care of the tone - I can go all the way from clean to Lemmy-style just by tweaking the amp sim.

The high track, if I have it, has the lows and the mids cut out, then compressed. I mix this in to get attack in there if I'm missing it from the mid band.

I try to avoid touching the combined track too much; I may apply some EQ to smoothen out differences in perceived loudness between low and high notes. When I mix, I turn all the bass faders down, then slowly move the low track fader up until the bottom end sits well. After that works, I add the mid (and possibly high) tracks to taste.
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Thanks for sharing, arke, good suggestions here
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I'm using Reaper, combined with a sound card EDIROL UA-25EX and usually an Ibanez SR400 customized with Bartolini pickups bass.
I also use a customized Hohner "The Jack" headless with M-Audio FastTrack.
As arke, I also use some EQ and compressor effects in my DAW but usually only in one track unless I use parallel compression.
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Bass (P-Bass) -> SansAmp BDDI (usually all knobs at 50% aside from blend which is 100%) -> Audio Interface. I record with Logic. I may use some software compression but not always. I need more compression when picking than when I'm using my fingers.
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i plug this : - [img]http://cdn.mos.musicradar.com/images/Guitarist/339/warwick-thumbbo2-970-80.jpg[/img]

into this : - [img]https://us.focusrite.com/sites/default/files/resources/image/scarlett2i23quarter_1.jpg[/img]

and fiddle with this : -

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