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Play it loud!

Happy to release part II of our open video collaboration project today,
after the first episode took us to the disco flavors,
this one will rock your socks for sure :)
Check out below video and show the boys some love by leaving a comment if you like!



The video collaboration continues, and there are some cool videos coming up soonish,
so, stay tuned and take the occasion as a good time to follow the wikiloops YouTube Channel,
or find out how to join the video collaborations in this thread:

Stats of the day:
108,923 tracks public
52,726 members


Great job , Everyone! great to see you! Craig...that plant needs some water.+4
Mai 17 2018 14:00:13
mortheol LOL:D +2
Mai 18 2018 15:40:20
Major 3rd thanks bro....naw....It's a recent cutting...still taking root...haha I needed some water though after..:) +1
Wikiloops members are spread all over the world and yet they play together and are connected through the music. As you can imagine, excellent musicians show in the best way here. done great - Giant compliment. Best advertisement for Wikiloops!+4
:D :D :D Yeeeeeeeah, definitely playing this again and again! Awesome group, all of you! <3+4
Mai 18 2018 12:47:16
axenvocs looking forward to your group :) +2
Hey Friends, what ..a ...cool ...band! So good to see you all in action and doing what you like. Great job from everyone and much thanks to Dick as always! ;) I like!!! Play it loud!!!:W+3
Hey Guys, very cool song and a very great pleasure to see you here!!
I can see the fun you had, it's great :W :D :W
Great Guys! A joy to see all of you play! This is a fantastic rock band! :)+3
YAY another vid to enjoy !!! congratz guys on a cool clip for a nice rocking song :)+3
Very very good - as I said on YT already. :W :)+3
Hop hop hop Guys! Well done
Nice video edit too and that sounds great.
Viva Wikiloops :)
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