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Invitation to Reggae Town

Hello, friends of wikiloops :)

Today, I have the pleasure to present to you the fourth video of our current video collaboration series.

After we've been taken to the disco in the first video,
played it loud with the rock folks and
went to the crossroads with the blues gang,
we'll be visiting the reggae corner of the 'loops today.

Please give a warm hand for this band:


Again, many thanks to the participants and
to all who have been supporting the 'loops in the past seven years.

Dare to share the hare if you like :P Thank you :)


Awesome collab, many cool people involved in a same time, that's so nice and fun!!!! And the Song is very good Too
Mademoiselle Tea Pot is so cute,
special Bravo to Ella, without her, Pit would have been a single section !
Ulo King of Kazooo and Whatever... Feed me :)
Joe, where is your Hat?
Adu, I know you were a super hero, you are... RastaMan :)
Kimbo, Benson's guitar and Santana's moustaches now?
Wolfgang, you look cool relax as your bass lines are !
And Baer and Mr Snuts, you should contact Dick for playing more often.
Juni 10 2018 18:46:21
adu ;) Thanks brother :D +2
Juni 11 2018 06:50:53
wjl Haha merci monsieur 'tof! :D +1
Juni 11 2018 12:18:26
jmrukkers Hey Tof, well spotted. Tried balancing my hat on top of my headphones, but it kept falling off... +2
Juni 11 2018 12:51:59
Tofzegrit I know what it is look at me at the end of the disco video, I try to not move my head :) Only Marceys is able to wear a hat over a headphones :) +3
Wow, really cool song and vid, well done ya'll!!! :W :D Great reggae drums Dick!+5
pps... Dick's hard work produces amazing results....... and his drumming is just brilliant,
made the base for this tune, and is the only reason it worked with so many involved. thanks again dick ... for the loops and the tune... and everything. xx
These videos keep getting better and better. Congratulations to all of you sweet job+4
what an amazing clip :D the coolest ambassador for the loops !! cool song of course and nice collaboration all together :Y
"Togetherness" seems to be the key in these video collabs :)
Superclip song and performance!! :) :) everybody did such s great job!! Classy!! :) :)+4
Superb. Great sounds everyone! <3+4
Fantastic! Cool video! Cool production! A Joy seeing and listening all of you! :) :)+4
Another great Video ! Thank you so much Dick! Cool colaboration with all you guys and the two ladies, thank you all for a good funny time ;)+4
very nicely done, I'm glad to be allowed to ... to be thankful to everyone, especially to Dick; o)+4
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