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October 17th 2019 celebration news

Here's the breaking wikiloops news,
issued deliberately on this special day to honour one of our fellow members
Let me riddle you guys a little and mention a few notable things about our birthday wikilonian,
but let me point out that there is a little present for all of us included in this post, so read on and find out :)

Our birthday boy of the day has been part of wikiloops since 2014 and posted track #17260 as his debut.
He has been a brave participant of several wikiloops meetings, including those infamous nightly walks all of you skipped.
Rumors have it he used to hang with the band The Levellers and has recorded at AbbeyRoad studios, while others claim to have seen him sail the Caribbean sea, or fistfight Spanish baggage-handling personell who didn't handle his instrument with proper care.
He is the only british chap I've met so far who masters the German word "Heizkörperpinsel" (means: "a brush for painting heating units" - in one word) even after a few beers.
He takes coffee serious, and likes to set up audio device chains of ridiculous lengths, wraps these in self-built cases that will survive meteor hits and gets asked for autographs when just hanging around at some airport... the man's a legend.
And -last but by no means least- this guy has been a persistent pain in the *** about one question:
When is the next wikiloops meeting happening?

I'll solve the riddle AND the question by saying:
Happy 60th birthday Kimbo - the next wikiloops meeting will take place August 20th - 23rd 2020 in Steinfeld, Germany
I'll re-confirm the date and offer the usual announcement & registration info soonish, so stay tuned for that if you are interested to come around.
For those unfamiliar with our meetings, you can find some more info and some video footage here.

What else has been happening in summer 2019 around wikiloops?
As far as we know, there have been quite a number of wikiloops members meeting each other during their summer vacations - thanks for those who posted about that, always nice to get to know such stories.
wikiloops online operations have been successfully handled by our fantastic moderation team (serious wikiloops <3 ) in the third quarter of 2019, while I had the pleasure to take some time off from wikiloops.
After running the project for eight years straight, being online on wikiloops every single day, it was a great relief to take some time away from the online world, during which the Kaiser family moved into a new house.
I won't go into detail too far, but (since it's a it's a nice side story) about ten years after leaving a village called Floisdorf, in which I developed my first website funkhausflowsdorf.com (a web radio thing at first, serving our home-recorded music, later serving a collection of Baers beats, then after we had left Floisdorf turning into... wikiloops.com),
I am now sitting three houses up the road from our old studio in that very same village.
It's a pleasure to be back, now all I can complain about is that the new wikiloops headquarters office/my studio is not yet fully ready for recording action, but I'll get there sometime soonish.

I'll end here for today,
hope your end-of-the-year-slowly-approaching-season will include some time for music
and all the best to all musicians out there!

Stats of the day:
1 birthday-boy Kimbo
137,023 tracks online
54,047 members
2,659 uploaders
255 supporting members (thank YOU for wikiloops)


... sorry .... never EVER MEAN to be a pain in the ass.... it just happens :D.
oh wow! im so exited already! can't wait for next year's meet.
thank you so much! starting out a great day already. anyone who knows me knows Thursday is the big night of the week for me. fisherman's foosball league, too much beer, loads of "that time of day", "special" scones, and a night of NO responsibilities. (we call it "fight club"). So even better, its happens that my birthday falls on "Fight club" night! Yippee!
thanks again dick, you made my day already.:) xxx
A good year to be born Kimbo! Probably wouldn't have said anything but you are exactly one day older than me, which strikes me slightly amusing. ;) Happy upcoming 60th b'day old fella!+6
Oktober 18 2019 11:37:19
Dick happy birthday Ernie :) +3
Oktober 18 2019 12:44:54
Ernie440 Thanks my friend! Appreciate it .. although ... 60... :O +2
Oktober 18 2019 13:07:12
Dick well, todays 60 is the new 40, you know? :D
For real, look at you & Mr.Kim- nowadays, 60 year old folks are cool people, it's not in any way comparable to the folks who were sixty when you were like 20 something, if you know what I mean.
Oktober 18 2019 13:17:57
Ernie440 Yes, I have heard these rumors ... :D People do think differently nowadays I believe, it's a new age but I also think music helps to keep us young .. at least in our minds .. haha :) There is no age or time when you're in the middle of a tune ♪ +2
Oktober 18 2019 21:54:36
Ernie440 Oh yeah Dick .. & Congrats on the new house too man!! :W:W +2
Oktober 18 2019 22:47:16
wjl Happy birthday from me as well, my bass brother. Wrote that in the Shoutbox already, but that might have gotten lost :) +1
Oktober 18 2019 22:52:09
Ernie440 Thanks Wolfgang!!:) :D Actually can't see the Shoutbox anymore since Dick's latest upgrade ... +1
Oktober 18 2019 23:02:51
wjl Welcome Ernie! :) And is your browser window big enough? Mine used to be at 1024x768 pixel, but then I also don't have a Shoutbox. At 1200x900 pixel I see it... +1
Oktober 18 2019 23:16:03
Ernie440 I'll try again to see if I can see it ... +1
Oktober 23 2019 09:47:44
Wade And a happy birthday to you too Ernie! +2
Freaking awesome news, Dick! Happy Birthday Kimbo (see you this weekend!) and I will not be missing this meet. I'm putting the money to one side for it now!+5
Wooohooo - good news, and a very happy 60th birthday to kimbo first!

I still remember my first collab with the man short after arriving here in early 2018, which was #133783 - and I was also honoured to be in a video project with kimbo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWRjUlj35dk - with his own fine remix in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlVLSpakhu0

Plus I had the joy to meet him in the 2018 members' meeting in Steinfeld - some of the photos shown here were taken by me :)

Kimbo even invited me/us to Cornwall, but sadly I couldn't make it this year, same with Martin and/or Dick who also invited. But I'm very much looking forward to meeting all of you next year in Steinfeld if you can come. Richard, please let me/us know if I/we can help with preparations for the 2020 meeting.

So - again - have a nice day kimbo, thanks Dick & all others who make all of this possible. <3 I love good news in the morning :)
Woohoo again to Dick for going to organise another wikiloops meeting :W Man this is going to be a long year waiting but so looking forward to it!! :Z+4
Ooooh, so if I understand well, thanks to Kimbo we will meet again :D
Good news you plan to organise a 2020 meeting Dick, thank you thank you thank you
Nice house, is there a garden behind ? Big hug to Diana from me, hope you're both doing well ;)
Been out of touch for a while (on a boat off the western edge of Australia). Happy birthday to Kimbo. I guess we will hear more about the wikimeet in due course. All good and positive stuff with Richard now firmly planting his own roots. Best to all.+3
My best congratulations to Kimbo on this very special bday :) and WOW what a great announcement in this blogpost :D :D :Y :D :D+3
:o:o:o:o I would absolutely love to make it to that meeting, awesome news+3
I’ve got the same persistent pain in the *** as well (added to sciatica:)) .
Good news and delicate attitude for Brother Kim <3
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