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back when you were playing a regular 4 string .. haha .. still have this one?? :)+1
Februar 27 2018 14:17:43
eGiL Sold it to finance a custom made 5 string (the red one in one of my pictures), the red one was sold to finance my wedding... :p sigh, the sacrifices :O +1
Februar 27 2018 14:18:48
Ernie440 A horrible story :O haha .. oh well do what ya got to do :D +1
You handsome devil, you.....+1
Februar 27 2018 15:36:12
eGiL lol, almost 10 years ago and a real lucky shot :O +0

I thought you played glockenspiel

My bad
Februar 27 2018 20:12:16
eGiL Not a bad idea!! :D +0
Februar 27 2018 20:13:47
eGiL About 9 years ago...when i was young & promising :P +0
what a handsome young fellow. this recent?+1
Februar 27 2018 20:52:09
eGiL 9 years ago, now i'm old! :D +0
Most amusing to see these picture of you from some time ago. You were a seriously skinny guy!+1
Februar 28 2018 08:09:01
eGiL yeah, one year before getting let's blame marriage :D +2
what a handsome young fellow. this recent?+0
Hey Ha :D You know what you did last Summer session :D
everyone is enjoying the music you play but you made a mistake and get straight up right again. & you’re like. my band mates fix that moment? Right Yeah of course and he but that’s what i like most the best moment of life.Rigth?
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