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50's wiring on the PRS. Lets you use the tone knob without losing the highs.The tone knob becomes a mid range "scoop". Also added a Orange Drop .22uf capacitor and CTS higher quality pots. Like night and day for definition and tone.

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Need 3 more springs in there LW. I likem tight.
My prs has only 2 knobs and a toggle switch. Got it first year they came out.
Dezember 19 2019 00:59:26
LittleWing Yes. I removed the springs as it was a hot summer . I had the neck bow a little too quickly even with ac on. Kind of scared me. Now that it is winter, Im reinstalling. This PRS SE has volume and tone and a toggle as well. +1
Goodluck buddy-just put my soldering tool away:)
Dezember 19 2019 01:00:12
LittleWing If I had new solder maybe my connections would actually hold. +2
Some day I'll get around to trying this.:)+1
Dezember 19 2019 14:03:59
LittleWing I just completed it and yes it makes huge difference. The guitar tone knob actually becomes more useful. The cap ... smooth and creamy! It brings out a ton more definition from the pickups. Very happy with it on all my guitars.Picked the entire prewired harness on ebay for $50 +1 verwendet Cookies um Dir die beste Nutzererfahrung zu ermöglichen.
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