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Using temporary Bookmarks

Bookmarking tracks

With thousands of tracks to choose from, you will sooner or later end up wondering how to find that one track you listened to a few minutes ago - which can be quite a challenge if you didn't note down the track ID and did not add the track to your bookmarks list.

The wikiloops temporary bookmarks work in a technically similar way to shopping carts in online shops:
You can collect a set of items as you browse around without any need to log in, and have a convenient way to get back to each track you found.

Since the bookmarks are available regardless of being logged in, they are temporarily stored in the visitors browser memory and will be lost once you end your visit and close the browser window.
If you would like to store a set of tracks permanently to build a practise routine or to listen to, rather use a playlist than the bookmarks.

To store a track on your bookmarks list,
members may click on the "Add to..." button and choose "Bookmarks" from the drop-down menu, while guest visitors may use the "playlist"-button to bookmark tracks.

To open your bookmarks list and to navigate to tracks you bookmarked, click on the bookmarks icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select the track to navigate to in the panel which opens below the icon.

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