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Deleting a track you uploaded

Track deletion restrictions

One of the core concepts of wikiloops is to offer all remix stages as they evolve, and to order them in branches resembling the collaborations progress as explained here.
This ordering concept requires that tracks which have been remixed may no longer be removed from the branch of consecutive remixes, because that would lead to the remixes "dangling in the air" without any connection to their previous step.
The only way to prevent a major mess-up of the collaborations structure would be to delete all remixes as well, and that would not be fair to the musicians who took the time to create those.

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Deleting a mis-happed upload

To delete any non-remixed tracks of yours, follow these steps:

Navigate to the track you would like to remove via your "tracks"-tab on your user profile or by entering the track ID into the search panel
Click on the "red flag"-icon which is displayed right of the audio waveform in the player area
Confirm you would like to delete the track in the opening pop up dialog
You will see a confirmation message on success, and the track will no longer be displayed on wikiloops.
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