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Joining a band you have been invited to, and subscribing to the bands news

Joining a band you have been invited to, and subscribing to the bands news

Getting invited

This article covers the options for logged in wikiloops members who have been invited to collaborate in a private band.

Whenever you are invited to a private band project on wikiloops, you will receive a notification on your newsfeed, and the band will be listed under "open invitations to bands" in the "bands"-tab of your user profile.

If you have expected the invitation or are plain curious, follow the link to the bands page and have a look at what is going on there:
Maybe the band founder has offered some initial tracks or a written statement to inform you what the project is about.
If the band project does not look in any way interesting to you, you may choose to never return to it - there is no obligation to explicitly reject the invitation or to take any action.

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Joining the band project to enable group messaging and notifications

While all invited members may view the band pages content, only members who have actively "joined" the band will benefit from all available features of the band space.

The two key functionalities which depend on the "joined"-status are:
- newsfeed notifications when new tracks are added to the bands collaborations (mind, FilePool uploads do not trigger notifications) and
- receiving messages which are sent thru the bands group-messaging tool in your private messages inbox

Invited users may enable these features by clicking on the "Join Band"-Button (previously labelled "Follow band") offered below the head area on the bands page.
Users who become active in the musical collaboration within a band are being switched to "joined"-status automatically the moment they share a track within the band.

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Disable band notifications & group messaging

If you do not wish to receive further newsfeed notifications about activity of a band project, nor want to receive the bands group messages in your private messages inbox any longer, you may disable these features by clicking on the "leave band"-button (previously labelled as "un-follow band") offered below the head area of the bands page.

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