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  1. Juli 14 2020
    Country jam feat. Remix von Cantaloopo am Bass Stück # 194564
    free climbing (in the Alpes)
    von bluvation & Cantaloopo
  2. Juli 11 2020
    Country jam feat. Remix von Cantaloopo am Bass, akustik Gitarre & akustik Gitarre Stück # 194302
    the eternal power of music
    von bluvation & Cantaloopo
  3. Juli 06 2020
    World jam feat. Remix von Cantaloopo am Bass Stück # 194009
    low end westside story
    von bluvation & Cantaloopo



Looking back at a few decades on live music stages in Munich & Bavaria
Started out as a drummer in my youth
switched to acoustic guitar, later to electric bass guitar
Played Rock, Country, R&B, a little Jazz, world music

Running a small recording studio in the eighties.

Recently started playing drums again ... (this is a warning!)
Occupation today: recording and producing classical music


The best pieces of my collection of instruments are:

Acoustic guitars:
Martin custom shop tripleO golden era
Taylor "Germany limited edition V"
Taylor Nylon NS 72ce
Stevens custom shop OOB-BW
Blueridge BR 371
Valencia custom shop master build

Electric guitar:
B&G Little Sister Crossroads

Bass guitars:
Fender 72 Jazz bass
82 Squier Precision (fabulous!)
80 Music Man Stingray 4

Sakae Pac D

recording devices

Apple Powerbook
RME fireface UFX+
Focusrite Clarett 8preX
Soundcraft location mixer LM1
Gyratec 9 tube preamps (2x)
SPL gainstation
SPL Frontliner
Tegeler Varitube Compressor
Pultec style passive stereo EQ (custom build)
K+H active Monitors (now Neumann KH120)
Auratone cubes
and a couple of high end microphones ...


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