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Lenny Cowler

Lenny Cowler

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  1. August 20 2019
    Metal jam feat. Remix von Lenny Cowler am Drums Stück # 169877
    Blood stained butter knife.......
    von WHITEPONGO & Lenny Cowler
  2. August 17 2019
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Lenny Cowler am Drums Stück # 169620
    stabs it
    von FrankMil & Lenny Cowler
  3. August 03 2019
    Pop jam feat. Remix von Lenny Cowler am Drums Stück # 168632
    1000 echoes for you
    von ARNOSOLO & Lenny Cowler




I love music! Playing, creating, listening.

I love jam session, anywhere, with anyone, playing anything. I prefer drums or to sing well ( even if my voice is not as confident as it used to be.....). When a group of good people get together and music is played it is possible to be with everyone on the same wave. It is the best feeling and that is the thing!




August 16 1971


öffentliche Stücke: 1.002
Fans: (Daumen)23.044
gegebene Daumen: 49.517
Kommentare: 37.434
Forum Beiträge: 1
erhaltene Remixe: 3.667
Aufrufe der Jams:3.825.604
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