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  1. Oktober 19 2019
    Pop jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Gitarre, Percussion & Mixer Stück # 173972
    Fading Into Nothing
  2. Oktober 03 2019
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Mixer Stück # 172887
    Rebecca (Picking Up The Pieces)
  3. Juni 30 2019
    Funk jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Mixer Stück # 166427
    The Time Is Now 3:35 (Clean Mix)
  4. Januar 28 2019
    Funk jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Guitar Synth Stück # 156492
    Some Other Place, Some Other Time..
  5. November 01 2018
    Jazz jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Gitarre Stück # 149985
    Laying It Down
    von MajorTom_III & LittleWing
  6. Oktober 30 2018
    Jazz jam feat. Remix von LittleWing am Gitarre Stück # 149847
    Moonflower (Master Mix)


Grew up with Led Zeppelin, Stones, Who

Now it is Larry Carlton, Studio session players, Jeff Beck, Andy Timmons, Guthrie Grosvenor.....Chad Smiths Meatbats!


Paul Reed Smith SE with Seymour Duncan SH2-N Jazz for neck and Sh-4 Jeff Beck Custom for bridge.
Epi 335 Dot with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups and Bumblebee caps
Takamine Acoustic
Schecter Studio Session Bass
Fender Jazz Fretless with custom Audere Preamp and Seymour Duncan Appollo humbucker pickups.
Akai MPD 218 Drum pad
Ez Drummer
FEA DE-CL Optical Comp
Tech 21 DP-3X

recording devices

Boss GT-001
Roland GP-10
EBS Microbass
EBS Tube Comp
Tech 21 DP-3X Bass preamp / Distortion
LR Baggs Session Acoustic D.I.

Audacity for light mix touchups
Various free VST. If you have a question ...ask!


öffentliche Stücke: 122
Fans: (Daumen)587
gegebene Daumen: 686
Kommentare: 773
Forum Beiträge: 52
erhaltene Remixe: 64
Aufrufe der Jams:22.114
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