Major 3rd

Major 3rd

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  1. August 03 2020
    Metal jam feat. Remix von Major 3rd am Gesang Stück # 195806
    Iᴛ's ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴏᴠᴇʀ
  2. August 02 2020
    Metal jam feat. Remix von Major 3rd am Gesang & Gitarre Stück # 195723
  3. Juli 25 2020
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Major 3rd am Gitarre Stück # 195225
    von Major 3rd


I enjoy wikiloops friends and jams..I don't have much to say for myself aside from I love to jam...I play by feel and have little music theory or training...I've just always liked the creative process and I'm not shy to try new things or instruments. Not a master, just a player for fun. I enjoy all styles of music and enjoy the versatile and truly talented musicians here...


2 electric - Ibanez Saber & BC Rich Mockingbird, 1 acoustic Fender and 1 nylon string classical style - cheapo beginner guitar...

recording devices

I have an old 2006 imac garage band recording platform (about ready to crash). A Focusrite Scarlet II instrument interface, a couple mics - 2 Sure SM57's, two amps - Mesa Boogie Triple rectifier 1/2 stack & 30 watt Line 6 Spider II practice amp.


April 18 1967

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