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  1. 27. Dezember 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Sequenzer Stück # 234113
    DJ Voiceover Bed (interplanetary)
    von MikeB
  2. 23. Dezember 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Tasten Stück # 233814
    Frozen Amber
    von MikeB
  3. 15. Dezember 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Sequenzer & Tasten Stück # 233294
    Analog Ballad
    von MikeB
  4. 6. Dezember 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Sequenzer & Tasten Stück # 232597
    Not Native to that Town
    von MikeB
  5. 3. September 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Sequenzer, Bass & Tasten Stück # 225602
    Ambient Analog Dub Space
    von MikeB
  6. 4. Juli 2021
    Electronic jam feat. MikeB am Percussion & Tasten Stück # 221634
    Okay, player B
    von gangophone & MikeB


I post my hobby music here. I played some ukulele bass on many of the genres here when I first got involved. I focused on synths and electronic space music. Some people have asked 'how do I get such unusual sounds?' The answer - I spend time learning how to tweak settings in daws and plugins. Especially nowadays, with my tabletops, adjusting synth sounds, reverbs, and compressors beyond factory presets helps you find your voice. And, you gain understanding about how those tools work.

For me, wikiloops has been part of the healing process of western culture. I listen to a mix of wikiloops, mostly instrumental electronic channels on, and whatever I'm into on youtube (no ads if monthly subscribed). Since wikilooping regularly, I no longer consume alot of CDs, Video material, or frequent shops. I had a large digital collection of mp3s I used for a radio station I was part of, but gradually those have been phased out for an easier to juggle, mostly free, listening routine.

After years of searching for software that could handle stems, mixes, and social networking, I stumbled on I hope to start a label for no-budget cinematics.

Some cool places on the net that are free to use audio or video.


Tabletop synthesizers: asm hydrasynth, roland jx-08, microfreak, mininova, volca fm.

Bass ukuleles: solid body electrics, fretless acoustic, fretted acoustic.

Short scale jazz bass.

Ukuleles: Tenor, soprano, and baritone ukuleles. Guitar ukulele.

Guitars: mini Jazzmaster guitar. Acoustic guitar (travel size).
Dulcimer. Lap steel.

Wish-list: upright piano, upright e-bass, indian harmonium, classic synths, wurlitzer.


I use a macbook, a zoom 8 track recorder, and a windows laptop to record. Mostly my desktop synths nowadays are recorded along with a handful of rotating vst instruments. I occasionally unplug synth cables and plug in a bass or a ukulele.

I also record into SD recorders and field recorders to record solo bits sometimes.


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