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Long Road Back
Tranquil Harbour


  1. September 22 2019
    World jam feat. Remix von PaulFellows am Gitarre Stück # 172132
    Frankie Floyd & The Floydettes
  2. Juli 07 2018
    Blues jam feat. Remix von PaulFellows am Gitarre Stück # 141462
    Jolly Blues
  3. Dezember 27 2017
    Folk jam feat. Remix von PaulFellows am Gitarre Stück # 125389
    You say guitar
  4. Februar 16 2017
    Rock jam feat. Remix von PaulFellows am Gitarre Stück # 98492
    Into the Stars


Good news....Seems like my hospital has succeeded in getting rid of the cancer I had and have given me the all clear. Still a bit more recovery to go from the big operation but starting to feel almost my old self again (albeit with some rather radical internal surgical modifications!)

Hope to be playing my guitar more often now.

Thanks to all who have listened to my guitar playing attempts on here. Some great musicians to jam along with.


Various guitars.

recording devices

Apple Mac with Logic Pro
Use an I2M Sonuus to connect the guitar to the Mac. Can inject as either (or both) guitar or Midi so I can play either regular guitar or into a Midi Synth.


November 10 1959


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