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Kollektion 2020/1


  1. Juli 19 2020
    Jazz jam feat. Remix von Pewi am andere Blasinstr., Floete & Floete Stück # 194823
    never drink alone
    von Cantaloopo & Pewi
  2. Juli 12 2020
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von Pewi am Floete Stück # 194419
    Fleur d'Hiver v2(avec flûte)
    von Filo974 & Pewi
  3. März 27 2020
    Blues jam feat. Remix von Pewi am Saxophon Stück # 185637
    Open Stomp Blues*
  4. März 15 2020
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Pewi am Floete Stück # 184503
    The charming trickster
    von LittleWing & Pewi
  5. Mai 28 2019
    Classical jam feat. Remix von Pewi am Floete Stück # 164272
    The wolf I am 🐺*
    von ARNOSOLO & Pewi
  6. April 26 2019
    Electronic jam feat. Remix von Pewi am andere Blasinstr., Floete & Saxophon Stück # 162379
    von DanDiplo & Pewi
  7. November 27 2017
    Pop jam feat. Remix von Pewi am andere Blasinstr. & Saxophon Stück # 122734
    Look at the Sky
    von Stef & Pewi
  8. November 10 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von Pewi am Floete Stück # 121108
    Acoustic Guitar &&&
  9. Oktober 20 2017
    World jam feat. Remix von Pewi am andere Blasinstr. & Floete Stück # 119246
    minor tango (analog and digital)
    von jomortimer & Pewi


Welcome, my name is Peter.
Music has accompanied me since I can think. I was 12 years old when I first held an instrument in my hands: a transverse flute. I was so enthusiastic about this instrument that I voluntarily practiced a lot and even took some lessons with a teacher.
I even learned to read some music notes. Soon interested me also other topics smile.gif
After a long break I began to improvise different music. I think the first piece was "Leo Sayer - Just A Boy".

Classical music is and remains the basis of my understanding of music.
I also tried to play Sax (tenor, alto and soprano saxophone), but I could never make friends with this instrument. For over 20 years I played in R & B formations, mainly saxophone. I always struggled with the approach. For some years now I have not played saxophone anymore (at most from time to time soprano).


Today I am playing the transverse flute, the native american flute and the EWI Akai5000 and after a long pause again soprano and tenor saxophone.

recording devices

Microphone: Shure SM57
Rode NT2-A
Beyerdynamic TG 155C HELIX

Interface: Tascam UH- 7000

Software: LogicPro


August 26 1958


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