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  1. April 18 2021
    World jam feat. Remix von ROBJOL am akustik Gitarre & akustik Gitarre Stück # 215876
    Un jour de printemps
    von ROBJOL
  2. April 18 2021
    Classical jam feat. Remix von ROBJOL am akustik Gitarre Stück # 215841
    The one you haven't met
    von Liesching & ROBJOL
  3. April 18 2021
    Pop jam feat. Remix von ROBJOL am akustik Gitarre Stück # 215802
    Believe in You


I am on wikiloops to play music with friends. Only that...


I have a few good guitars: Martin, Taylor, Pellerin, Godin, Aria, Fender, B&G

recording devices

Mac with Logic Pro
Yamaha console
A few pedals and preamps.

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