1. Oktober 08 2017
    Folk jam feat. Remix von WanHu am akustik Gitarre & Gesang Stück # 118098
    Love is Chemistry
    von WanHu
  2. Februar 08 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 97795
    All Hippies Must Die
    von cody tripp & WanHu
  3. Januar 06 2017
    Funk jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 94790
    Dancing like a Dad
  4. November 19 2016
    Blues jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 90146
    Why can't I forget you
  5. Dezember 22 2015
    Folk jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 59082
    Who put the Hey? Acoustic
    von WanHu
  6. Dezember 22 2015
    Folk jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 59080
    Honey B2
    von WanHu
  7. Oktober 23 2015
    Country jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 53297
    When I get my chakras aligned
  8. August 15 2015
    World jam feat. Remix von WanHu am Gesang Stück # 47481
    No man can be miserable
    von WanHu & WanHu



I was born in Vancouver, grew up in the West of Scotland and live and have procreated in Wales. I am a citizen of the World. I'm here to learn how to write lyrics, so the singing and guitar playing are incidental. If you want to use the lyrics to do your own thing, then feel free; I'd be very interested to hear it.

I am a Peter Green obsessive above all, but the odd Nobel Laureate, Johnny Cash, Howe Gelb, Half Man Half Biscuit, King Creosote, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, 80's Congolese, Zimbabwean & Malian stuff, Klezmer music, 70's & 80's Balkan music, The Dubliners, Mozart, late period Mad, Deaf, Beethoven particularly, plinky plinky Norwegian guys with beatle hairdo's and synthesizers, Krautrock, Edinburgh pub folk sessions, Dick Gaughan, anybody with a musical instrument and a heart. I love 'em all. My soundcloud user name is Garth Mountain. I'm like Garth Brooks, but bigger and drier.


Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals

recording devices

I use a pair of Thomann condenser mics, Steinberg UR22 interface, Mixcraft Pro studio 6, a 1980 Ibanez Artist AR300 which, if I'm honest, is not far behind my children in terms of my level of affection for it; a beautiful Czech built Stanford OM5V acoustic from about 2006ish and a 1989 Manuel Rodrigues FF flamenco which is probably the most expensive guitar I own, but I picked it up for tuppence on ebay. That is my one piece of valuable advice to you all: that the bottom appears to have fallen out of the quality second-hand classical guitar market, so fill your boots.


Januar 1 1970


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