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  1. Mai 02 2020
    World jam feat. Remix von Waterval am Mixer Stück # 189085
    Human between sun and moon Remix
    von Waterval


Waterval a open band in Wikiloops

Actually that's what Waterval has come to
Waterval has been progressing as an internet band for more than 5 years. We have gone from a closed internet band to a band without precise limits with artistic contributions from inside and outside of Wikillops. We appreciate your participation
Our band has operated on the basis of general ideas that are specified in more specific topics (for example: "the cat", "waves", "volcano", "5Senses", "30secTrackFestival", "human between moon and sun", "all plastic is love" ....) wink and that are defined in works of art of all kinds (sculptures, Print drafts, paintings, small videos,, link collections, little animated computer programings, ....)
From now on we will propose to all members of Wikiloops to join the proposals, totally open.
Actually that is being done now, when a WL user has a project, expose it in the forum to request participation.
That is going to be our band model.
You will have answeres.


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