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  1. Dezember 19 2018
    Electronic jam feat. Remix von Woodstock am Mixer & Bass Stück # 153537
    Face Your Fears
  2. Dezember 08 2018
    Jazz-Rock Remix von CI Section feat. Woodstock Stück # 152713
    Everthing's good
  3. September 02 2017
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Woodstock am Bass Stück # 115125
    Return To The Velvet Sun
  4. Juli 14 2017
    Funk Remix von Stef feat. Woodstock Stück # 111183
    Funk Latin Machine All Night Long
  5. Juni 25 2017
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. Remix von Woodstock am Mixer Stück # 109516
    Sleep Tight
  6. April 26 2017
    Funk Remix von Marceys feat. Woodstock Stück # 104359
    Keep it Alive
  7. Februar 20 2017
    Rock Remix von jdisom feat. Woodstock Stück # 98875
    von Woodstock & jdisom
  8. Januar 12 2017
    Pop jam feat. Remix von Woodstock am Bass Stück # 95340
    My Blue Tears
  9. August 25 2016
    Rock jam feat. Remix von Woodstock am Bass Stück # 81709



Hi, my name is Armin and I live in a small town near Detmold in Germany. IĀ“m basically a rock bass player, but I like to play other styles too. Started as a self-taught, I played bass in several rock and cover bands. I also played drums a few years.


Bass, Drums, Guitar

recording devices

Simply with compressor into the LineIn.
Recording and editing with Audacity.


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