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Guitar with 14 years, was good for the girls, lol
until seven years ago, I practically didn't play.
now I have started again.
I love the blues, I love the country and I love the rock.
Favorites are: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Walter Trout, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter and Jimi.
Hank Jr. Waylon Jennings, Shooter Jennings,Kris,Willie.........
Molly Hatchet, Skynrd, Moccasin Creek, Moonshine Bandits, The Lacs,


Acoustic Guitar: Martin 000RSGT, Ibanez 20 years old, SADA Luthier 1973
E-Guitar: Fender Strat. American Standart
Shure SM 58

recording devices

GarageBand, Apogee one
Amplifier Fender Junior, LD Systems MAUI
BOSS RC-50 Loop Station


April 7 1959

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