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  1. Juli 07 2019
    Rock jam feat. Remix von adu am Gitarre Stück # 166882
    von adu
  2. Mai 17 2019
    Rock jam feat. Remix von adu am Bass Stück # 163632
    Alibaba on the Rock(s)
  3. Mai 17 2019
    Rock jam feat. Remix von adu am Gitarre Stück # 163631
    Alibaba on the Rock(s)
    von adu & adu


My name is Andreas, I'm from Germany and I've been playing guitar for 27 years.
I like all styles of music but rock and roll best.
Since February 1st, 2014 I am registered here with Wikiloops.

I have learned a lot here, above all nice people from all over the world. At the Wikiloops meeting I got to know some of you personally.

I like to compose templates and am always happy when they are filled with life.

One more please. Help to keep alive the project "Wikiloops" and donate a trifle.
Thank you and have a lot of fun.

Your Adu Wink


E-Guitar: Fender 50s Player Strat ; Epiphone Les Paul Standard
A-Guitar: Aria AW 200 B ; Ibanez EW 20, div. spanish guitar

E-Bass: A Noname Brand

Banjo: Framus (very old one)

I like to use some percussions

recording devices

I use a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB into MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio ; Guitar Rig 5 ; div. VST-Apps

Bugera V22 Amp

Shure SM58 ; AKG D125


Juni 13 1968


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