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Fire in the Sky
This is the Time
Rock n Hip Hop
Hip Hop Hits
So Dope
Variety Store
The Guru
Hip Hop Jams II
Wikiworks 14
Words and Music
The Electric Sky
Any Way I Go
Down with the Grooves
bvuster started it!
Precious Time
Get the Funk Out
On the Road Back
Some Traction - Small Gems
Album A4
Hip Hop Jams
hip to the hop
The Bass and the Treble
Rockin The Loops - woXey & friends
Groovy Tunes
Album E1
Tell Me Where To Begin
sing a song 3
School Bus Diaries
On foreign Trails
Sing me a song
Was ich noch sagen wollte ...
Music for the People
Can you feel ?
Jamming with Friends
You Are the Ocean and I Am the Shore


  1. August 05 2022
    Electronic jam feat. Remix von bhunt1 am Mixer & Bass Stück # 249399
    Oort Station Isolation
    von MikeB & bhunt1
  2. August 01 2022
    World jam feat. Remix von bhunt1 am Mixer & Bass Stück # 249194
    Voices of Nature 2
  3. Juli 31 2022
    Electronic jam feat. Remix von bhunt1 am Mixer & Bass Stück # 249104
    Return Bass and Drums


I like rock, R&B, Reggae, HipHop


I am a lefty bass player.
My basses:
Regenerate 5 String fretless
Clement 4 string fretless
Muckelroy 5 string fretted
SD Curlee 4string fretted
Sarek Sacramento 4 string fretted

recording devices



November 13 1958


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