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  1. Oktober 10 2019
    Country jam feat. Remix von blumartini am Gesang & Mixer Stück # 173378
    Those Eyes
  2. September 21 2019
    World jam feat. Remix von blumartini am Gesang & Mixer Stück # 171966
    Open Soul
  3. September 16 2019
    World jam feat. Remix von blumartini am Gesang & Mixer Stück # 171724
    Lookey Here


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Originally From Southern California, now living in Tropical Wisconsin.

Elvis, Beatles, Cheap Trick, The Blasters, Red Elvises, Buddy Holly, Chris Isaak, Bryan Setzer/Stray Cats, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.. rockabilly, swing, rock n roll.....and da bluez...

I've never been a musician.. but I had to find a way to express what had erupted inside of me.. what had grown from a broken heart...

"This is the mysterious part about music.. the people that mean it are usually processing some kind of loss..." Warren Zanes - yep.


Have never sung in public.. except for a drunken karaoke night..

Met someone who inspired me to write poetry and put these words to music..

Anyway, just fighting some demons and having a little fun...

recording devices

microphone MXL 770... Tascam DR-05 recorder...pop screen, mixing board... and borrow my son's bedroom when he's not here for my studio.. thanks son.


Januar 7 1964


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