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  1. März 16 2019
    Funk jam feat. Remix von docnat am Bass Stück # 159915
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I played from the age of 10 years. At first I was playing at dance parties to buy musical instruments, it was relatively easy at the factories in my area: Eco, FBT, Farfisa and other minor brands. Years ago, before that China invaded us, here we produced a third of the Italian musical instruments. Then with friends that I played we founded a Rhythm & Blues big band, then with some of them a Blues band. Aged 28 to 40 dark years. Ten years ago, me and the singer rejoined the band as did in the movie Jake and Elwood "Blues Brother". Since then we are the "the blievers the blues band" of which you can find traces on web.


L2500 USA G&L; JB-2 Corean G&L; very old italian bass, my first, designed by Jonas Hellborg (the factory was in my town); very cheap fretless bass "Vintage Icon Series V96" a copy of Jaco's bass but has a good sound

recording devices

Tascam US-7000, KeyStudio 49i, Farfisa digital piano mlp-1200


Mai 15 1963

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