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  1. August 08 2020
    Pop jam feat. Remix von donsk am Drums, Gitarre & Gesang Stück # 196117
    So Your Leavin'
    von donsk
  2. August 07 2020
    Pop jam feat. Remix von donsk am Drums, Bass & Gesang Stück # 196055
    Mr Jenkins
    von donsk
  3. August 04 2020
    BossaNova jam feat. Remix von donsk am Drums, Gitarre & Gesang Stück # 195870
    Shes On Fire.
    von donsk




I live in a hole in the road growing beards and collecting dust.I make noises with elastic bands around an empty shoebox.Seriously im 60 played music for over 40 years grew up on The Beatles,Bob Dylan,Bowie,The Kinks,Beach boys (especially Brian Wilson).Fave band at the moment XTC, and Blue Nile,Brian Eno,Radiohead. and loads of others.I consider myself a Songwriter but thats for others to judge.I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder,this means i cant get outdoors much,I am also recovering from advanced bowel cancer and now in remission.I use Sonar Platinum for my Daw with a whole range of vsts.I also love surrealism.
Iv'e written 3 poetry books and 1 short stories which have been published and won 1st prizes.I've also co-writen a musical called Buskers set in N.Y where the hub of the story is set in The Rainy Day Cafe.


Guitar, Keys, Vocals

recording devices

An Aspire V17 Nitro laptop with Sonar Platinum as my DAW.


Januar 9 1957


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