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  1. Juli 10 2018
    Pop jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 141663
    Goodbye Thunder Road
  2. April 18 2018
    Rock jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang & Mixer Stück # 135841
    Everybody Must Get Rich
  3. März 23 2018
    Rock jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 133312
    Nobody Wins
  4. Oktober 27 2017
    Rock jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 119860
    Shut Up!!
  5. Juli 22 2017
    Blues jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 111777
    Gospel Song
    von frenzie & gwailoah
  6. Juli 05 2016
    Blues jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 77345
    Brexit Blues 1
    von pkliesch & gwailoah
  7. Oktober 10 2015
    Rock jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 51952
    Southern Rock and Southern Roll
  8. Juli 17 2015
    Rock jam feat. Remix von gwailoah am Gesang Stück # 45244
    Kick Ass Rock And Roll



Born in Wales, varied career through Telecomms and Barwork through University Law Lecturer and Webmaster / Copywriter who got an MBA on the way. Now focused on Wine and Food writing in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and recording some favourite rockers from back in the day for Youtube while I still have half a voice - can check them out at

My music is Rock. Early days was Hendrix, Sabbath and Deep Purple, went Bluesy (Free, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy) and Progressive (Yes, ELP) in the 70s, I was there for Punk (Pistols, Stranglers, Jam) but moved back to Hard Rock through the early Eighties (UFO, Schenker, Saxon, Rush).

Sang with a number of bands in South Wales, UK during the early to mid 80s doing original songs (Stallion, Knight, No Sweat). Lot of covers along the way (Gary Moore, ZZ Top, Dr Feelgood).

Formed an accapella group (Six2Eight) in the 90s doing Vocal Pop, Rock and Comedy and gigging around the Kuala Lumpur circuit for almost twenty years (1994 - 2013). Still get occasional gigs.

Wrote, directed and did backing music for Musical Theatre productions which spoofed lyrics of Musicals songs for revue style shows (2007 - 2012) but now thanks to Wikiloops I seem to be moving back to my rock and blues roots. Feels like a homecoming. smile.gif

Apologies in advance, but just to clear the legals - all lyrics and vocal tracks thereof posted on the Wikiloops website are expressly copyright of Brian McIntyre 2014-18 and all rights are expressly reserved. Please don't use them without asking first - it is bad form. Hope you enjoy the songs!


Vocalist. SM58.

recording devices

Very simple, Shure SM58 plugged into a M-Audio Firewire 418 going into Garageband on a Mac and mixing through Sony headphones. Audacity to master and convert to .mp3


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