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  1. März 18 2021
    Jazz-Rock Remix von FrankieJ feat. mpointon Stück # 213279
    Gravy and Biscuits
  2. November 30 2020
    Jazz jam feat. Remix von mpointon am Mixer & Drums Stück # 204354
    Purple Clouds (OliV Remix)
  3. September 14 2020
    Pop Remix von jhonrobert feat. mpointon Stück # 198334
    Didn't Expect You Too! 2
  4. August 23 2020
    Jazz-Rock Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon Stück # 196970
    Lucky Charm - Pewi Flute solo mix
  5. November 09 2019
    Electronic Remix von jussef63 feat. mpointon Stück # 175576
    Maybe this way
  6. September 05 2019
    Blues Remix von marmotte feat. mpointon Stück # 171003
  7. August 26 2019
    Jazz Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon Stück # 170283
    Summer Breeze - Fivestringer mix
  8. Juli 28 2019
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. Remix von mpointon am Drums Stück # 168337
    The Wheel Of Life - Oli Mix
  9. Juni 22 2019
    Funk jam feat. Remix von mpointon am Mixer Stück # 165980
    Fisco Dunky
  10. Juni 03 2019
    Pop Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon Stück # 164629
    Pianissimo Fusionare
  11. Mai 09 2019
    Rock Remix von ivax feat. mpointon Stück # 163164
    Velvet Sun IV el Reencuentro
  12. Februar 27 2019
    Jazz-Rock Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon Stück # 158701
    Half Terms (Mix/edit)
  13. September 15 2018
    Jazz Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon Stück # 146678
    Two Suns - Fivestringer mix
  14. Oktober 28 2017
    Samba Remix von nadrek feat. mpointon Stück # 119970
    Let's Party!
  15. September 18 2016
    Jazz Remix von marmotte feat. mpointon Stück # 84108
    Relax Just A Little + BackVocs
  16. August 28 2016
    Blues Remix von OliVBee feat. mpointon Stück # 81987
    My Key Blues - Martin mixed
  17. Mai 17 2016
    Rock Remix von Wade feat. mpointon Stück # 73268
    Crumbled Universe...Yum!
  18. April 14 2016
    Rock Remix von allan1970 feat. mpointon Stück # 70100
    Waves of emotion
  19. Februar 09 2016
    Jazz Remix von JDF feat. mpointon Stück # 64223
    Day Tripper
  20. September 12 2015
    World jam feat. Remix von mpointon am Drums Stück # 49551
    The Boy Don't Live Here
  21. März 02 2015
    Funk Remix von Tofzegrit feat. mpointon Stück # 34178
    Mid Tern



I'm bald. I play drums. What's not to like? (probably lots!)

Been playing around 35 years on and off. Worked professionally in my early '20s after graduating from Musician's Institute (MI) in London but unfortunately ended up in software development not long after in order to make a decent living. Still there.

But drums (along with flying gliders) has been and always will be my primary interest. I gig with a Pink Floyd tribute band called 'Eclipse' and run a YouTube drumming channel called 'Stick To The Pocket' but don't keep it up-to-date enough at all. Apart from that, Wikiloops is my primary musical outlet and ongoing musical guide. I'm always striving to improve my playing and learn as much as I can. You're never too old or too experienced to learn new things from other musicians.

I'm also a former Staff Writer for the UK's Rhythm Magazine way back in the hazy days of the mid-nineties!

You might think all you do is 'give back' when you're experienced but I'm always learning here.


- 8-Piece Yamaha 9000 (Recording Custom) all-birch kit in rare Cobalt Blue. Sizes are: 22x16, 18x16, 16x16, 14x12, 13x11, 12x10, 10x10, 8x8. All drums using Remo Ambassador coated heads
- Spaun four-piece all-maple kit. Sizes are: 22x18, 16x14, 12x8.

- Snares:
14x4.5 1964 Ludwig 400 Supraphonic (my default snare)
14x5 Yamaha 8000 mahogany
14x5 Handmade (by me!) Premier Birch/Eucalyptus XPK
13x3 Pearl Brass Piccolo

- Alesis SamplePad Pro (cheap Octapad copy!). Mostly used for doing the rototoms on 'Time'!

Tambourine, LP egg shaker, blue and red LP Jam Blocks and other assorted percussion

recording devices

- 2 x Shure SM57 for snare and a spare, sometimes bottom mic
- 2 x Audio-Technica AT-8118 gooseneck tom mics
- 2 x Audio-Technica AT-8030 condenser overheads
- 2 x Nordell Audio condensers for overheads / hi-hat
- 4 x Nordell Audio generic cardoids
- 1 x Nordell Audio Kick cardoid
- 3 x generic goosneck clip-on tom mics
- 1 x AKG D112 Kick mic

I appreciate this is way more kit than I need but I also deal with the live sound for my band so the gear lives with me.

- Tascam Model 24 mixing desk and 22-in recording interface
- Terratec 8-in Firewire interface (now secondary and only works with my Mac)
- 6-in compact mixer for occasions when the Model 24 isn't enough

- Dell desktop core i7 running Reaper and loads of plugins including Waves Gold suite v9 and Izotope
- 2015 MacBook Pro Retina running Reaper. Not used much as half my plugins won't work since moving to Catalina
- Enough cables to start my own bungee jumping company
- No neighbours


Januar 1 1973


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