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  1. Oktober 12 2020
    Rock jam feat. Remix von sami am Gesang Stück # 200429
    Just For The Love Of You
    von donsk & sami
  2. Oktober 08 2020
    Reggae jam feat. Remix von sami am Gesang Stück # 200140
    Count On Me Love Reggae Woman
    von donsk & sami
  3. Oktober 06 2020
    Pop jam feat. Remix von sami am Tasten & Gesang Stück # 200009
    No More
    von sami


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I am a guitar/bass/keys player and songwriter with a home studio writing songs and helping and being helped by friends to make some good music of all kinds. My music name is Serrasa and I'm influenced by Peter Gabriel, Beck, David Byrne, Paul Simon, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Santana, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Bach, Ben Harper,Thievery Corporation & So many more I can't list them all. I have a lot of experience using Logic ProX and specialize in Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Bass, and mixing. I'm open to anything fun and good. I am 44, live in the Southeast US and am from Houston, TX, Birmingham, AL, and now live in Denver. A lot of my music can be heard at My music FB page is and my personal FB is


Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Some keys, some vocals, producing and arranging.

recording devices

MacBook Pro, Logic Pro X, M-Audio M-Track 8X4 Interface, 2 hyper-cardioid mics, 1 MXL large-diaphragm condenser, G&L Legacy HSS Strat, Art and Lutherie acoustic with a fishman pickup, some pedals, and studio headphones.


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