Straight Eights Pulsing Over Steady 120

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It's probably difficult to start with drums since this style is based on constant interaction - joined improvisation - but to have a beginning, I created a 4.15 minute track which evolves from basic pulsing into dynamic peaks. The drummer's job, as I see it in this style, is to paraphrase the meter as much as to express it although it stays 120bpm in 4/4 time throughout. This track is open to all instruments and expressions. Freedom (in 4/4 120) ...


very cooooool ... i like your approach of the meter and your sense of freedom ! very awsome dynamics ...+0
Exciting! :D On todo-list, of cause! :)+0
wow..good drummin !+0
you know your jazz :) never got into this kind of thing much, but that IS tasty :) nice!! and a late welcome to wikiloops from my side of the pond to you :)+0
This is good, I could imagine myself jammin on this. You are very skilled sir. :)+0
absolut amazing! and welcome focus5+0
love it :D+0
wooooow,i like youe style,so lot....+0
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