southern reggae comfort

Gitarre & Ukulele:
MajorTom_III1444 jams
Marcelo D121 jams
Ernie4403191 jams
step III
Drums + ambient perc:
seriouss350 jams

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now thats another really evil drumtake, if i'd only know how to normalize it


Marcelo D
Hey Seriouss. Its a good job you made buddy. By the way... what software are you using? May I help you to normalize it? See you :)+1
April 30 2017 09:17:10
Marcelo D
seriouss Just joking, I use Logic it
Will do this automatically if it is activated I think.
Thx for the commentB)
April 30 2017 09:37:53
Marcelo D
seriouss That drums are very chaotic, that is probally why I wrote that comment, sry dont know myself +1
April 30 2017 18:58:14
Marcelo D
Marcelo D There is a very cool plug in at Logic that helps me a lot. You go to the master channel, the one you access for bouncing and set the auto limiter at the dynamic list of plug ins. This one enhances the track volume and it also doesn't let it clip. I don't use it always because it changes the sounding but it's a very good tool. +0
April 30 2017 22:57:29
Marcelo D
seriouss My problem with the logic stuff is that it is causing delay on the midi stuff.
I generally always go for a rather fast mix. Sometimes its okay most of the times I wreck it.
In summer We move and I will have more comfortable environment.
April 30 2017 23:13:09
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Hey.If you are using Logic X you can go for the record menu, between navigate and mix menu. Then you can choose Low Latency Mode. It won't be able to use plug ins but you can record without Latency. I use that when my project is too heavy with many midi stuff and too many tracks. Hope it helps you... +0
Mai 01 2017 08:44:56
Marcelo D
seriouss Tanks that's worth a try. Since I trigger my drum sound with midi I always have a lot of midid information. Secondly I am mixing with earphones and always try to get the final sound on my ears while playing.
Worst result is always when I can't hear myself play a bass drum or something like that. Then I try to keep that sound when I bounce. Thats not always possible.
Mai 01 2017 12:47:21
Marcelo D
Marcelo D Maybe this hint works. I wish you can manage to record without any technical issues. It's terrible to feel like doing and see these things comming up. Good luck :) +0
Mai 03 2017 13:17:08
Marcelo D
seriouss There is still a lot to learn, thank you very much Marcello +0
cool drumming Seriuoss+1
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