Brazilian Soul (Pedra Branca)

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Hi folks :) I reaaaaaallllyyyy miss this place. I've been gigging and traveling and working and... Well, its just good to be at home after one month without stoping any weekend. In this track I have recorded my accordion for the first time. I am still learning how to play it for real but I couldn't stop myself. This is a brazilian style called xaxado. Its a powerful dance rhythm that was used by the outlaws from the northeast after wining the battles. I made it a ...


Very nice Marcelo ;) A bass line in the next jam... hope you like+2
April 30 2017 02:04:37
Marcelo D WOW. I heard it my friend. You nailed it. Great job!!!!! Thanks +1
Very African rhythms. Like it a lot with all those mixes of other ethnic influences. Well I guess that pretty well describes the music of Brazil!+1
April 30 2017 01:15:08
Marcelo D Yeah. We are a mix from Europe, Native South American Indians and Africans. Our music is mixed from these three roots. The accordion was brought by the Portugueses but brazilians changed the way of playing it. And most of our rhythms are africans. From the Natives we hold some harmony and melodic lines. I can hear it all in this specific song. Thats why I called it like that :) By the way, thanks for hearing :) +2
April 30 2017 07:00:05
Wade O prazer é meu. +0
Awesome Marcelo :D+1
April 30 2017 01:24:26
Marcelo D Obrigado Xavi :) I wish to leave some smiles around when some friend hear this song:) +1
This mix of styles,roots and rythms is awesome¡¡¡ Parabéns ¡¡¡ :)+1
April 30 2017 02:42:41
Marcelo D Obrigado amigo. Thanks for hearing:) +1
just got a chance to sneak in to the loops after being away for some times from this place, and so glad to found your new song pop up, i knew it will be an outstanding track..well you always do, the intro so gorgeus, that make me even listen for that part on and on, this track filled so much sweetness, with amazing vibe, excellent track to dance and celebration..the dark blue so beautiful...just listen to this song gives me so much smile. and your accordion play is so sweet...cant stop listening to this song! awesome track Marcelo !+1
April 30 2017 02:03:55
Marcelo D My dear sweet Alice :)
Your words are like music for my ears.
Its so good to have you listening and enjoying this song.
I dedicate this song to you now, so it can bring you a lot of joy and blesses for your life forever and on :)
what great mood maker :)+1
April 30 2017 15:40:49
Marcelo D Thanks Akchen. I wanted to share a little bit from my musical world here. Glad you liked:) +1
Fantastic play !!!+1
April 30 2017 15:46:05
Marcelo D Thanks Chris. Good to see you around. Thanks for hearing:) +1
New day new learning about music world, I am discovering xaxado and you play accordion!!!
April 30 2017 15:47:20
Marcelo D I say obrigado for passing by and listening to my song. Honored:) +0
Lenny Cowler
perfect track:)+1
April 30 2017 15:49:17
Lenny Cowler
Marcelo D Thanks Lenny :) +1
this is so very nice Marcelo :) dancing in my chair :) happy that you have played your accordian, so sweet :)+1
April 30 2017 16:26:55
Marcelo D I am smiling here by knowing that you were dancing in your chair. That means the song works just fine. Thanks for the kind words Shi:) +1
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