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Critics bashed John Coltrane from straying from changes and laughed at Ornette Coleman for taking it to the next level of "free" playing. But they inspired many future generations of Rock royalty like Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton playing in "Cream", Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, etc. For me, Pete and Eric lay down a unique playing experience because although similar to Avant Garde sounds it is unique in their ideas and interactions of their instruments that inspires.
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*big grin* :D Great abstract jazzin' Dan!! Very cool!! Love it! ;):) ...make a nice soundtrack for a 60's b&w movie about heroin addicts ... (strange thought) haha+3
Mai 11 2017 18:42:30
Leftdaloops1019 Or this could be the storyline!
Nova Scotian Elderberry wine maker and his big headed cat Chester are in their search for the perfect purple sash to wear for the wife's birthday party. The theme of the party is... purple is the new black...Chester has a hard time voicing his opinion as the Nova Scotian tries to compare the similarities and dissimilarities of purples in relation to the wine...and Chester just whines under his mousy breathe, "The dog gets to drink wine why can't I?" The mind meld is complete and the Nova Scotian sends back telepathically and empatically, "remember the night you howl and moaned due to your wine gluttony"
"Oh yeah I forgot" Chester thinks back to that horrible night, but also thinks it was a purple mushroom he also ate that might have set him off. Meanwhile a pack of mutant Chihuahuas surround a surfer home from an evening Session! If only Vikings knew how to surf, maybe they wouldn't have come to Nova Scotia maybe they would have found a more tropical setting.
Mai 11 2017 19:14:59
Itocpogo WOW! Very impressive Jim! I love your short stories and how they branch out to areas of the heavens but always interesting with a message of truth! +0
Mai 11 2017 19:18:13
Itocpogo Thanks so much Ernie! I can see it in a movie about drug addicts! I remember a far out movie in the '70s or '80s that was very dark and tenor saxist Stan Getz did the soundtrack that was totally awesome. +1
Mai 11 2017 19:21:33
Itocpogo Thanks Ernie! Yea, could be a soundtrack for a drug addiction movie. I remember a very dark movie in the '70s or '80's that jazz tenor saxist Stan Getz played an outstanding soundtrack +1
Mai 11 2017 20:22:16
Ernie440 Oh good lord .. Gemmy's story LMAO!! :D +1
Thanks very much Dan for your most beautiful and melodic sax lines. I am happely supriced by your add. you have a great sound. And I thank you for most helping comments

Mai 11 2017 19:25:05
Itocpogo Thank You Eric for such kind words, I appreciate it! I enjoy your very creative playing and compositions! +0
Cool Dan listened multiple times!+2
Mai 11 2017 19:23:45
Itocpogo Thank You very much, Jim! As I was making this, it reminded me of some of projects I added on your very creative tracks, they do not sound the same but very challenging! +1
I am fascinated, listen and listen, I am delighted and consider what is so special for me. Tracks with Pexe are always a challenge. Eric then created a foundation. But the matter was open. Your ad gives the track now a fantastic direction for my ears. It sounds meldodic and beautiful. To the music - With your description you show where this track is located in the music history. This is very helpful for me. Many Thanks+2
Mai 12 2017 15:53:01
Itocpogo Thank You for your very kind words which I value very much, Rene! The Grateful Dead were inspired by tenor saxist John Coltrane album "Love Supreme" regarding long improvs and from the Dead, Jerry Garcia played on Ornette Coleman's 1988 album Virgin Beauty, and Jerry and Phil were on record as having embraced Ornette's "harmolodic theory" on improvisation. Ornette's songwriting method was to write without chord changes, allowing the soloist to do whatever they felt +0
Mai 13 2017 16:53:08
abuitremorem Thanks Dan - I will hear this :) +1
Ah ah :D Cool moved track Dan :)+1
Mai 11 2017 19:10:12
Itocpogo Thanks Titi! I live for different ways of expressing the possibilities of music and I always find I can not do it without inspiration from the creativity of other musicians. +1
Mai 11 2017 19:16:35
titi For sure :) +0
Thank u Itocpogo, lovely sax! excellent description, in my opinion, its like to create something from nothing with a sense of weight less music.+1
Mai 11 2017 19:12:45
Itocpogo Thank You, Pexe! Your ideas of the process of creating is very wise and insightful, a beautiful description! +1
Lenny Cowler
Mai 11 2017 19:13:09
Lenny Cowler
Itocpogo Thanks so much Lenny, I appreciate it! +0
Freedom !+1
Mai 12 2017 15:53:43
Itocpogo Thanks for listening, I appreciate it! +0
Mai 12 2017 17:10:41
Tofzegrit Always another side of us when we play in this freestyle ! +0
Beyond of schemes ... free jazz! All this has a great charm and, as you rightly say, it has opened new frontiers also in rock. Dan, you challenge this dimension with great ability, and you give a great contribution to the creativity on this track. Really fascinating and interesting! :)+1
Mai 12 2017 15:56:09
Itocpogo My friend, Stef, your comments are so very gracious and kind! Thank You very much! I so much value your original compositions and your playing when collaborating with others! +1
In this track you really prove your versatility Dan. Even in this special harmonic universe you don´t "succeed" to hit one wrong note. Everything is just perfect, and you give this great track a very nice color. MY deepest respect my friend. <3+1
Mai 12 2017 15:59:21
Itocpogo Thank You Peter for such a wonderful review. I value your judgement and always look forward to your originals that are always first class productions! +1
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