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This is something I did a few years ago for an experiment with a talkbox and synth. Resurrected and isolated vocal track. This was more much difficult than it may seem- there is actually NO real human voice. It's a synth stack set to emulate my voice, and then used the talkbox to add inflexion. So basically I played the notes on the keyboard while speaking into the mic to make it seem like vocals, but the actual sound ...
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Mai 22 2017 05:07:39
Lenny Cowler
DrStrgeglv Thanks, Lenny! +1
It sounds great - thanks for the description :)+1
Mai 22 2017 06:23:08
DrStrgeglv Thanks! +0
thats so cool! can't wait to see what comes of this...:) actually played this on keys...nice!+1
Mai 22 2017 06:22:16
Major 3rd
DrStrgeglv Yeah, the setup was harder than the application. Was never able to replicate that patch- There were six stacked voices which were individually altered... then forgot to save. Like at the end of each line there is a resonant drift which hit quicker and decayed longer. +1
I don't have a mean to listen to your song yet because I'm on the way and I've got no headphones currently, but, the story reads good, and I like the hilly track chart with the ups and downs. Nice structure, I love the slow start, now and then the quiet passages, perfect culmination at the last fifth of the track. Like it ! :)+1
Mai 22 2017 14:03:44
DrStrgeglv Fantastic visual! +1
Mai 22 2017 19:35:28
hartmut Now I've listened to the audio ! Great Opus my friend :) We need the bpms clicker rate I feel. Superb! :D +1
Mai 24 2017 02:27:56
DrStrgeglv I know I always used round numbers.... 110? 120? Maj used 100... Ill figure it out right now. +1
Mai 24 2017 02:38:26
DrStrgeglv 125 BPM!!! +1
That's really cool!!+1
Mai 24 2017 02:26:17
DrStrgeglv Thanks, Ron! Say... Maj3rd's remix has an hd download without drums... big fun... +1
One more special track from the Dr !
Really cool one my friend >3
Mai 24 2017 02:24:24
DrStrgeglv Thanks, Arno! Did you hear Major 3rd's remix? Would LOVE to hear more like that! +1
Mai 24 2017 16:27:37
ARNOSOLO Yeah !! Crazy Craig played an awesome part with your idea ! :o +1
this is so cool Dr...:W:D+1
Mai 24 2017 02:58:21
DrStrgeglv Thanks, slin! It was a "strange" day- Always liked the sound of synth vocals, but they always sound kind of limited- so I went to stab at making it as human as possible with analogue parameter adjustments on six stacked voices. The other part was listening real carefully to tone changes in real voices. Sequential Circuits six-trak synth, cir. 1984 +1
It is different!!+1
Mai 24 2017 03:00:57
DrStrgeglv I prefer, "Strange", LOL- can be parted out and spliced (125 bpm). +1
Mai 24 2017 14:54:48
josepssv Yeyes yes! More strangles!! +1
so so cool!:D+1
Juni 01 2017 05:06:34
DrStrgeglv Thanks! It was archived for a long time... open for new interpretation! +0
Wow - this is really great!+1
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