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I would love to hear some fast, tight and technical drumming! Some punchy bass in the mix would rule! It would be impressive if anyone could throw some fitting lead guitar shredding over this as well. If anybody wants to prog/fusion this track up, all instruments are welcome! Thanks!


Awesome jam man welcome to wikiloops.+0
Awesome, glad you made it over to wikiloops. I knew you'd like this site. This jam has a Buckethead kinda sound. BH is one of my fav guitarist+0
Interesting...the production and playing are impressive. Getting these tones with no extraneous noise is a feat.+0
Nice composition!! Sounds realy cool!+0
Spot-on double tracking lines against some great time structure. Great piece! :)+0
Like it a lot, I'll try some tapping on dat+0
boa execução guitarra+0
Oh yes, great+0
This might be the heaviest, tightest track I've found on here yet. I'd love to throw a lead on it, but I don't think I could do it the justice it deserves.

Well played!
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