Is Floyd Pink ?

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I'm sad. Unfortunately is my playing not so clean as is should be. But hope you like this little tune :) Was a great fun to work on :D It's not a cover (I could not do something) but if someone thinking it's to near a PF tune I will remove it.... maybe put it in a privat room. As always, every part can you get as standalone track.


Remove? It's not a cover but a great sound ambient midway between PF and Tangerine Dream! Very well built and developed! Bravo Franky! :)+2
November 11 2017 22:33:18
frankyguitar You make me happy Stefano :D
Thank you very much !! :)
Very cool trip along different moods Franky ,fantastic composition here ;) :)+1
November 11 2017 21:52:43
frankyguitar :) Thanx very much Ewin !! :) +1
You’re doing a lot of music that is so original FrankyBaby. I feel like a child in a new toy shop! :)+1
November 12 2017 00:05:33
frankyguitar Thanx very much StellaBaby !! You can buy all, give you 50% off :D
We are all full of cool ideas, it's so cool here :)
great! kind of a spooky intro turned into smooth peaceful sounds+1
November 12 2017 00:08:03
frankyguitar Thanx very much Ken !!
Yes it's maybe like a mixture from Echos and later PF tunes.
Such a great band thru all times :)
Hi Franky... remembers me of old times... fun to listen and to start "dreaming"💭 ... great+1
November 12 2017 00:08:57
frankyguitar Thank you very much Chris :D I'm happy :) +0
Crap..there's many PF sounding tunes here..And I like them. And yours makes the list better :)+1
November 12 2017 08:56:48
frankyguitar Great compliment Mark, thanx very much !! :) +0
Du machst wunderbare Musik und das immer besser Franky. Faszinierend - grosses Kompliment !!!+1
November 12 2017 08:58:47
frankyguitar Dankeschön René, wirklich ein tolles Kompliment. Freut mich riesig:) +0
:o Awesome!+1
November 12 2017 09:00:20
frankyguitar Thanx so much much WD !! :D +1
Dear Franky, do no worry : you still are the best guitarist in the world !!!+1
November 12 2017 09:06:56
frankyguitar :D that's What I needed to know :D
Thanx very much Nono :)
Think its impossible to say who's the best guitarist in the world? Is who can play 20 notes per sec, or who play always the sweetest melodies? No Idea, but sure is I'm not, unfortunately. 😂😂 :D
November 14 2017 01:01:57
Furlano So, that confirms what I said : do not wory !!! Bye !;) +1
faszinierend, eine schöne, abwechslungsreiche Klanglandschaft hast Du hier erschaffen:)+1
November 12 2017 17:11:34
frankyguitar Vielen lieben Dank Peter ! Schön das Du das so hörst :) +0
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