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I have to erase the last file, there is no bass line inside ! Lol Just for fun, i added a simple bass line played on a Ibanez Ergodyne 5 strings ;-


Sounds great bro!! Nice bass on a nice guitar!! :W+1
Januar 11 2018 15:26:36
ARNOSOLO I eat an Ernie for breakfast :P:D
Thx bro.
I tried a bass line on the track with Mpointon too. It's on the upload traffic ... :W
Januar 11 2018 15:29:05
Ernie440 hahaha ... ewww!! :O I'll chek out yer version! :D +1
Super :D+1
Januar 12 2018 09:34:34
ARNOSOLO Merci Xav :D +1
Lovely! Great tune, my friend!+1
Januar 12 2018 09:34:23
ARNOSOLO Thx a lot my friend. It was fun to play a bass line on this one too :Y +1
Fabulous Arno<3<3+1
Januar 13 2018 12:12:46
ARNOSOLO Thx PJE. Super jam with u on this one :D +0
Your music inspired me to write these lyrics and sing it.
Juli 13 2018 13:39:23
ARNOSOLO Excellent jam !
Do not forget to mention my name for the musical composition and especially wikiloops. It is good that this website is present everywhere and recognized.:D
Juli 13 2018 13:48:21
Redheart Certainly will and thank you. +1
Juli 13 2018 13:52:47
Redheart Title - The Swimming Pool
Music - Arnosolo
Lyrics - Thomas W. Peterson AKA Redheart 7-12-18
Performed By Thomas W. Peterson AKA Redheart 7-12-18
©Thomas(RedHeart)Peterson COPYRIGHT 7-12-18

Off in the distance there was thunder and it rained
As thunder rumbled, it rattled round my brain
I watched the flashes as it lit the evening sky
Much like the fourth of July

It was summer, I was out of school
Mama yelled for me to get out of the pool
Reluctantly, I did just what she said
Though it was something I would always seem to dread

When thunder storms came through I was so afraid
Why did it have to go and rain on my parade
Like a duck on water I would frolic all about
I loved to swim, without a doubt

My hair got lighter spending time out in the sun
I skin was tanner than when school break begun
Content about how all my time was spent
I sometimes wonder where the time all went

I was hoping summer would never end
Time in the pool would be less spent
After getting back home from my school commute
Couldn’t wait to put on my blue bathing suit

Looking back at childhood days,
I can’t help but seem to be so amazed
I’ve grown older now, that pool still remains
There’s nothing back then I would have ever changed

It was summer, my kids were out of school
My wife yelled for us to get out of the pool
Reluctantly, we did just what she said
Though it was something we would always seem to dread

mm mm mm m m mm

Juli 13 2018 14:12:15
ARNOSOLO Music - Arnosolo -
Thx again for the awesome song :D
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